What are the principle signs of tension? – Online interview


“One amongst loyal methods of calming your self is managing your respiratory and must you centre your self by insensible deep breaths you rep that your anxiety lifts.”

In our latest online video, we spoke to revered advertising and marketing and marketing and marketing consultant psychiatrist Dr Tim Ojo, who treats patients within Brighton and Hove location. He discusses principle signs of tension, how one can gracious handle them rapid, and whether things luxuriate in weight-reduction draw or social lifestyles can reason any person to be anxious.

00: 00 What the principle signs of tension?
00: 55 What many methods to mute myself if I surely feel very anxious?
01: 39 When is medication rapid to treat anxiety?
02: 50 Can weight-reduction draw have an attain on anxiety?
03: 24 Can an absence of social interaction or dwelling on my own reason anxiety?

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