Wellness 101 Show – How to Stop a Panic Attack

And now it’s time for another Wellness 101 – How to Stop a Panic Attack…presented by St. Luke’s University Health Network!

are truly terrifying experiences that affect nearly 2.5 million Americans every year. Attacks can happen without rhyme or reason causing fear or extreme for 10 minutes or more. The physical symptoms of a panic attack can sometime make people think they are having a heart attack and can include: extreme perspiration, rapid pulse rate, increased heart rate and dizziness.

No one knows what truly causes but researchers suspect they may have to do with a combination of biological and environmental factors. The good news is that are one of the most treatable disorders…and we’ve got the steps to help keep you calm!

Step One: Talk Yourself Off the Ledge
When you feel an attack coming on…one of the best things you can do is kindly remind yourself that you are simply experiencing anxiety and that you are in no real danger. The use of positive affirmations works wonders here such as: I am in control, all is safe in my world right now, I’m not dying and the deeper I breathe…the more relaxed I feel.

Step Two: Breathe
As an attack hits, it’s crucial to get your breathing under control. Short, shallow breaths can make you feel worse, so consider closing your eyes, inhale slowly through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Try placing your hand on your belly while breath so you can see your hand rise and fall. After a few minutes of this…you should start to feel more like yourself again.

Step Three: Stay in the Present
When you are in a state of panic, consider giving your mind something to focus on other than fear. Try using all of your senses, what can you see, hear, taste, touch and smell. Continue noticing new things until you start to feel better.

Step Four: Progressive Relaxation
Progressive relaxation can be very effective in the midst of a panic attack. Tense up one muscle group at a time for 4 to 10 seconds and then relax it. Repeat this process everywhere until your entire body is completely relaxed and you start to feel like a million bucks!

Thanks for watching. Panic Attacks can strike without warning and while it’s understandable that you want to avoid them at all cost, it’s important not to let them control your life. Instead of avoiding places where you had panic attacks in the past, kindly remind yourself that you are safe and that nothing horrible actually happened. And that if and when a panic attack strikes again, with the help of the previous steps just mentioned, you can regain control. Don’t forget to smash that like button, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and share to all who suffer from panic attacks. Until next time this is Mr. Wellness saying be well and follow the steps…to a calmer you!

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