Overcoming Depression with God’s Word: A Testimony

Steven and Terri Scott, Partners , discovered the power of God’s Word when they learned to use it to overcome and receive physical healing for Steven. In 2014, Steven came down the flu that resulted in a chronic lung infection. He battled with a debilitating cough that came and went. It was so bad that it often affected his ability to function and participate in everyday life.

“One minute, I would be on the mountaintop as far as health goes, and then go down again. Up again, up and down, up and down, up and down,” Steven said.

The illness took its toll on Steven’s emotional well-being as much as on his physical well-being. He began to battle . Negative thoughts as debilitating as his physical ailment assaulted his mind. He prayed for relief, but it wasn’t until his wife Terri learned about the power of speaking the word and taking a stand for their covenant rights did Steven’s condition begin to change.

Steven learned he couldn’t only pray for relief. He had to fight the enemy’s assault with the Word. “I started meditating on Psalms 27:1: ‘God’s my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?’ And I started just repeating that scripture over and over and over again in my mind and saying it out loud.”

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In time, Steven overcame depression as well as his physical illness. Today, he is healed and sharing the truth of the power of God’s Word with others.

If you need to overcome depression or want to learn how to stand in faith on God’s Word, watch Steven and Terri Scott’s video. And let Kenneth Copeland Ministries teach you how to take a stand in faith to overcome depression. We want you to experience freedom in every area of life!

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