OVERCOME DEPRESSION – Powerful Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Dr. Jessica Houston)

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OVERCOME DEPRESSION! When you feel depressed, listen to this until the end. New powerful motivational speech by .
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Today is Blue Monday, the third Monday of January and so called the most depressing day of the year. If you feel depressed, or are just going through , this video is for you! You have more power over depression than you may think.

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If you are suffering from serious depression, please seek help. Talk to someone. Don’t hide it. Commit to working on yourself and getting better, one day at a time. Depression is different for everyone but it CAN be treated. Your mental health is important.

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Dr. Jessica Houston is a licensed social worker, college professor, consultant and professional speaker. She has overcome poverty, depression, low self-confidence and intimate partner violence. For this reason, she is passionate about sharing how others can live an abundant and satisfying life, despite any obstacles they may encounter. In her self-help book, “Women’s Secrets,” Dr. Houston is completely candid about her personal experiences and struggles. She travels nationally and internationally presenting at Schools, Colleges, Faith Based Institutions, Family Advocacy Agencies and at National Conferences. If your organization is seeking an engaging thought leader, connect with Dr. Houston today!

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