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ATTENTION! Do you feel your home is being disrupted by your dog’s barking, whining, or other destructive behavior? Then this article is for you.

If any of these are true for your best friend, it could indicate that your dog is suffering from or is in distress.

Around 30% of dogs will suffer with separation , it can be as traumatic for owners as it is for our furry friends.

You have likely seen the signs of anxiety: your dog barking, whining or crying indoors, or destroying your belongings.

If you feel the same way as me find it difficult to watch your dog anxiously look at you when you return home, then you should read on. It can be stressful for you your dog to hear your dog cry. If you return home to find your house messy or with accidents on the ground, it can lead you to a difficult experience.

Many dogs who suffer from separation anxiety will exhibit destructive behavior. They will often choose something with your scent on it and rip it apart. Then they will surround themselves with your scent.

There are many reasons that separation anxiety can occur in dogs. 40% of senior dogs will suffer, but separation anxiety can become apparent in many different ages and breeds of dogs. Dogs who have experienced major life changes are more likely to suffer from separation anxiety. These could include

Sometimes, even simple things can cause anxiety.

When you leave the house, your dog should be calm and relaxed. They should sleep or chew on toys that you left for them. You should not let your dog bark more than once a day. They shouldn’t be whining or crying all the time.

In more severe cases of separation anxiety your dog might accidentally urinate or defecate inside your home. Or they may cause harm by jumping on things and knocking over things – you’ll return to a house that looks like a bomb shelter.

Does your pet have any of the above symptoms? If so – please keep reading…

Medication may seem like the only solution for dogs suffering from separation anxiety. But, this is not true. Although there are many over-the-counter products that can reduce anxiety in dogs, animals who are extremely anxious about being separated from their parents may need to be given anti-anxiety medication.

However, these medications can sometimes come with some scary side effects – including Serotonin

Behavior modification is the only way to treat separation anxiety for good. We provide the music.

Dog Music specializes in music for all breeds of dogs, regardless of age. This music is for dogs with anxiety issues or who live alone. It uses the power and comfort of music to relax and calm your dog. This music is ideal for dogs who fear fireworks or have separation anxiety.

You may need to train your dog in obedience or crate training. This can be stressful for both parent and dog. Our music will help calm your pup and make your life more enjoyable.

Crate training is one of the most difficult aspects of getting a puppy. Being in a new place and away from your family can make it very frightening. Dog Music can help your puppy relax and become more comfortable with their crate.

Re-homing is a stressful time for dogs. They have to adjust to new sights and sounds as well as the new family members and other pets.

Dog music can be played during this time. It will reduce their heart rate, help them relax, and allow them to explore their new environment. You won’t have to worry about your puppies whining – Dog music will help them get used to their new surroundings in no time.

Many canine companions hate car travel and it can become a stressful experience for them both. You can make it a pleasant experience for your dog by listening to our music. You won’t have to fear taking your dog in the car any more!

If your dog is suffering from stress or has just had an operation, injury, or just feels under the weather, you can help them relax with our music.

Listen to our music, comfort your dog and get them up and walking again in no time.


The worst time of year for over 60% of dogs is Firework season – the loud bangs are really scary for them and you may notice a huge change in your dog during this time. Thunderstorms can be very frightening for dogs. Most dogs are afraid of thunderstorms due to the unfamiliar and loud sounds. Dog Songs is the ideal solution to anxiety-provoking situations. Just play our music and your dog will feel calmer. Our music is specially designed to calm your dog’s anxiety and provide a welcome distraction from outside noises.

Senior dogs can experience vision or hearing loss, which can cause confusion and fear in your dog.

Our music is meant to calm and soothe your dog, regardless of age or breed. Our music is designed to help dogs fall asleep in minutes.


“This works! My dog was found as a stray after a storm. She has been shaking and panting all day, but now she’s snuggled in bed with me. EVEN DURING HEAVY! Sending thanks from Texas!” – Jocelyn Lopez

” My dog Yoggie barks and jumps all the time, but when I played this music, he fell asleep! This music is a miracle worker!” – Christina Farias

“This works so well, I have one sixteen year old dog whose back legs got paralysed and one 2 year old dog who’s just plain crazy and your music works on both of them!” – Julia Sobey

“I have a little Yorkshire Terrier and he gets very anxious when my parents leave the house and this has managed to calm him down, thank you.” –Andrea Fasola

” This is incredible and it works! This is the most incredible thing and it will blow your mind how quick it works.” – Bud McCormick

“Thanks for providing the only solution for my Bichon (along with thunderstorms and fireworks) on New Year’s Eve. Your music has been on loop for the past few hours and we can’t thank you enough!” – Michelle Petzold

That’s right, a 60-day money back Guarantee so you have NOTHING TO LOSE. We will refund your money if you are unhappy with the ebook or music. depositphotos_99013318-60-days-money-back-gold

No questions asked.

We are part of ClickBank, a large retail network. ClickBank also supports your money-back guarantee.

You now fully understand that there is nothing to lose and everything you can gain. This offer price will not last forever.

As you can see by the ticking clock on your screen that this is a limited offer and once it hits 0 the price will increase by 50% to the original price of $99.99.



You get 4 albums, which totals 9 hours of soothing music to ease your dog’s anxiety.

Most people prefer to turn off the music while they work, and return home to a calmer dog.


An Ebook on How to Solve Dog Anxiety

A 40-page detailed guide on how to deal with your dog’s anxiety problems in a natural way. This guide will help you to find anxiety solutions that work for your four-legged friend at different stages in their lives.

9 Hours of Music Anxiety Solution Book


Please note this is a download only product which means you will get music and ebook instantly

Katelyn Yu : I love your songs! These songs are a hit with my dog, a poodle mix. He was cold and slept on a blanket. But he wasn’t feeling well. I then played your music and he fell asleep. He heard a car outside his bedroom door. But he fell asleep because of the music. He woke up when the phone rang. Then he went back to sleep, as did me. I love your songs! I want to thank you for showing your love and concern for the world and all animals!

Kerrigan Higgins : I put this on because my mother dog had trouble going to sleep because of her 10 puppies and it worked on the puppies as well and my mom came back into my room to check on the puppies and she asked how I made them go to sleep lolz

Thomas Truder : My dog was running around like crazy so I played this and he went strait to his bed and now he’s calmly sleeping thanks so much

Sarah Fredrick : This made my puppy kinda stop crying. This was her first time in the cage. I adopted her from an adoption shelter.

Abigail Thomas : I was baby sitting for a dog that had just got out of surgery… He would lay down and I would turn on this music and she would fall asleep just like that, Thank You

Carlos Rubio : Its amazing. One of my five pack members started bullying the other members, except the alpha. I started playing this music to them and everyone, including the bullyier, became so calmed down. Thanks…

Stephany Garcia : its PERFECT!! My dogs sleep finnally! muy buena musica perfecta!

Andriana Lechuga : After 28 minutes my pomeranian finally fall asleep! We are grateful! My happiness will not be complete !!!! if she doesn’t wake me at 3 AM.

Sandy Beach : It’s New Year’s eve and my big dog is really afraid of fireworks. This music is amazing! It really helps my dog relax and stop shivering. Thanks! Thank you!

Lee Jorge : have a crazy puppy is always running around and I needed some peace to get some work done so I put her on my lap and played this music and she’s been calm and sleeping this whole time.

Sally Curby : My two male dogs (Chihuahua/Jack Russell) were having a “discussion.” They were growling and trying to show each other who’s boss. They communicate this way and I don’t mind if they fight. Today, they were particularly angry at one another. This is the music I found to calm my dog. They stopped grinning at each other almost instantly and are now both asleep, one on each side! I don’t know what it is, but they are grateful!

Elizabeth Setlow : I just wanted to test this out for a sec and my dog just stopped dead in her tracks, sat down for a minute and then came to sit on the couch with her head in my lap. Ears perked, eyes closed. I stopped and she sat up, giving me “the puppy eyes”. It works like a charm, no matter what it is!

Susan Jeffers : My dog is anxious all of the time and he was starting to shiver because he was afraid of something (he is afraid of a lot of things) and I played this and he laid down on my lap and stopped shivering.

Claire Sanders : my dog was freaking out during a thunderstorm, she was panting and running around and such, i played this and within like 2 minutes she was just laying down all relaxed and calm, thank you for the music!

9 Hours of Music Anxiety Solution Book


Please note this is a download only product which means you will get music and ebook instantly

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