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I used to really struggle with high levels of anxiety in my 20’s. My mom was a big worrier when I was young and I guess I inherited the habit.

It got to a point where it was disrupting my life in every aspect – work, relationships, -confidence, physical and mental . I was having panic attacks and even paid a visit to the ER one evening. I knew something had to be done!

Experiencing abnormally high levels of anxiety at some point in your life is very common. Anxiety, when left untreated, can really impact the quality of your life!

Follow these tips to help overcome severe anxiety and get your anxiety levels in CHECK!

1. Acknowledge that you are experiencing anxiety – see your GP for diagnosis
2. Approach it with the right attitude – block out negativity
3. Reach out – get help by talking to someone
4. Develop anti-anxiety skills and techniques (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) – l
5. Practice meditation & mindfulness (M&M) – Video on mental benefits of M&M – />6. Consider remedies & other supplements – magnesium supplements, lavender oil bath, chamomile tea
7. Exercise often – at least 30 minutes of exercise 3-4x a week
8. Develop a practical schedule – helps keep your mind occupied
9. Don’t be afraid to take anti-anxiety
10. Use a journal – write down your thoughts and feelings

Fore more awesome info on anxiety and therapeutic techniques, my therapist, Tom Gibbons at Transitions Bermuda has an incredibly insightful webpage I recommend you check out! – m

Id’ love to hear from you!! – what are some of the ways you deal with anxiety in your life? COMMENT BELOW!

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