How to Overcome Anxiety Around Strangers? | Self Help Malayalam | Dr. Mary Matilda

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“Don’t talk to strangers”, is a basic rule we were taught by our elders and parents when we were children. In our early years, our brains were underdeveloped and we were unable to make the right decisions. Therefore, this rule protected us from predators when we were young. This has somehow impacted us in our adulthood as well. Stranger is a phenomenon that is well-known, if not well-understood in kids, but adults tend to feel nervous about interacting with strangers as well.There is a fear that our behaviors will be embarrassing and humiliating, and we will be misjudged by unknown people.Fear of rejection by others has a negative impact on our work, social life, and everyday activities. Such apprehensions and fears make it difficult to develop and maintain friendships. This video from Dr. Matilda illustrates experiences with strangers can sometimes lead to wonderful opportunities.She provides some tips for smooth communication with strangers and discusses the importance of overcoming stranger .

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Dr. is the former Principal of Maharajas College Ernakulam. She is a well known motivational speaker, corporate trainer & life skills/soft skills coach. She has Master’s degrees in Mathematics (M.Sc & M.Phil), Education (M.Ed), Business Administration and Management (MBA), Women Studies (MWS), Applied Psychology (M.Sc), and Ph.D. in women’s studies. She is also a graduate in Law (LLB)

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