How to Overcome ANXIETY and CONTROL Negative Thoughts | Tom Bilyeu

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If you fall into the camp of the 40 million Americans diagnosed with clinical anxiety, you recognize the feeling of your thoughts running completely away into the land of ‘what ifs’ and endless possibilities (the nightmare edition). If you haven’t been formally diagnosed and your reading this at a time when NFTs are on the rise, crypto is growing as a threat, concern and opportunity simultaneously and someone may have just coughed on you with Covid, you may frequent the land of ‘what ifs’ also. Rehearsing failure and potential catastrophe is the anxious way of living that some people decide to wear as a badge of honor. If you were to stop rehearsing your failures and impending doom, you may actually have to start planning for success. Action cures all, and that includes anxiety. As a long time sufferer of anxiety Tom shares his own experience, tips that have helped him reframe his messaging and daily preparation to keep anxiety low and positive feelings high. In this episode , a nutritional psychiatrist, David Burns, psychiatrist of behavioral sciences, and Mikhaila Peterson, TEDs Speaker, podcaster and supermom join in on the discussion with techniques and wisdom sure to help you limit your trips to potential disasters that never happen so you can optimize your productivity and mental health.

“Let failure catch you by surprise, stop planning to fail and start rehearsing how to success”
-Tom Bilyeu

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0:00 | Introduction
0:39 | Overcoming Anxiety
5:59 | Effects of & Anxiety
8:29 | Break the Pattern
18:42 | Dealing With Failure
22:40 | Influence of Your Diet


“Do and believe that which moves you towards your goals.” Tom Bilyeu [3:12]

“When you’re depressed and anxious, it’s not the events of your life that are upsetting you, it’s the messages you’re giving yourself, the way you’re interpreting events.” David Burns [6:05]

The thoughts that trigger and anxiety are not valid thoughts. and anxiety is the world’s oldest con.” David Burns [7:00]

The general American diet in both of those places is atrocious and damaging to brain health.” Drew Ramsey [31:25]

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