How To Overcome Anxiety

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Listen Today to Master Share with You His Biggest “Fear” When He Was
Growing Up as A Young Teenager.

Even The Thought of Doing This Would Make Him Fearful and Full of .

Also, You Will Hear How He Overcame His Own Anxiety Syndrome, And You Will Want Everyone You Know who Has Experienced This Issue One Or More Times to Heart Today’s Daily Lama.

Hello, I am Master and this is the Daily Lama. Please be sure to subscribe to our channel, like this video, and share it with others to help them hear the information and benefit from it as well. Thank you and your family so much for supporting us, and stopping by to learn today’s lesson. Let’s let today’s lesson and let’s let today title be, . Wow. ? Do you know anybody that’s anxious all the time in your life? Is your significant other? Is your mother, your father? Are they anxious you might even have some teenage kids? How many people do you know today that are on Xanax or they’re heavily medicated because they say they have anxiety?

I’m going to share with you a little story. It’s probably going to blow your mind completely into another dimension. My biggest fear and my biggest anxiety overcoming, you’re going to find this really hard to believe happened when I was 12 years old and I was only about three months out of surgery where they had actually pronounced my body dead on arrival, in the hospital, in the middle of surgery stopped two times the function was out of the body. I was fully conscious of what was happening, met Jesus and Mary. Jesus and Mary introduced me to bow young, my mentor. Today the MaHA Lama, 132 years old as of this past April himself. Amazing right. Was also showed things that would be happening in my life the next couple of years. Some looked exciting, some look to kind of freaky, really. And the first major test was going to show up when I approached seventh grade. My mom and my dad thought that I was too tiny and of course they were over protected from a son who just basically had lost his life. God’s energy and the Holy Spirit decided to resurrect me in the process right on the operating table. Oh Yun told me when I was out of the body during surgery, that you came here to do something, something special. You came here to set the record straightnd you need to tell people. Well guess what, my first roadblock, or that first fence that I needed to climb over, didn’t realize, but at that time was my biggest fear. Because I was still so fragile, you know, 12 year old weighing about 80 pounds. Right? The kidney disease that I had had stunted my growth that had just about fried my adrenal glands. Cortisol stress hormone inside of me affected my growth hormone DHEA. And it just didn’t work out right. I looked at my half-older brother who was so much bigger than me. My dad was huge compared to me. His brother was even bigger and his two sons were even bigger than that. And it was like obviously what had happened was the illness had stunted my growth. Hadn’t entered martial art school yet. Can you imagine? That was who I was. I had survived death and I knew that on the other side of it, we didn’t die. And that was powerful.


0:00 – How To Overcome Anxiety Info
0:28 – How To Overcome Anxiety
1:00 – Are You on Medication?
2:00 – Rasaji’s Anxiety on The Other Side
6:00 – Fear of Passing?
8:00 – Rasaji’s 2nd Anxiety Experience
10:00 -Rasaji’s 3rd Anxiety Experience
14:30 – What To Do If You Have Anxiety
18:00 – Rasaji’s 4th Anxiety Experience
20:00 – Feeling Anxious, Over Exaggerate Exhalation

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