How to be anxiety-free

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No drugs… No therapy… No meditation… No CBD oils… No breathing exercises…

If can count to 3, then I guarantee that will be free from anxiety panic.

Big promise, right?

I’m putting my money where it is most needed.

The next time you get a panic attack, I want you to try my three step method…

When you do this, something incredible will happen:

YOU will be in control of your fear…

YOU will feel peace flooding over your body…

YOU will finally be able to breathe out relax, even in crippling anxiety…

And YOU will be able to regain control. The panic and anxiety are no longer in control.

It’s as easy as that.

If you try my method but it does not work, I will ask you one thing:

Please get a full refund. I will send every cent of your money back.

Heck! I made this method as affordable as a paperback …


… However, I won’t take your money unless my system works for you.

Who am I?

Who am I? Why should you trust me?

My name is Alexander, and I remember my first panic attack.

I was in a Las Vegas hotel room …

I wasn’t sleeping well. I wasn’t eating well. Work stress was high.

My heart began to beat out of my chest. Just pounding, pounding.

And racing…

I felt a sudden need to be alone and to be somewhere dark… a primal fear response.

So, I went down the hall and called my girlfriend. I told her ,

“I Think I’m Having a Heart Attack… and I Need You to Call 911″



She said, “No, this is not a heart attack.” It’s a panic attack and will pass .”

Well, as you know, the attack itself did pass… but the fear of that feeling didn’t.

People who don’t experience panic attacks will never understand:

You can’t just tell yourself it’s going to be ok… because in my case, I genuinely felt like I was going to die.

Second, panicked heartbeats after panicked heartsbeats, I patiently waited until death.

Fast Forward Five Years, and My Panic Attack Had Become a Panic Disorder…

Every morning my heart beat was racing. Fear of falling asleep every night kept me awake at night. I also monitored my heartbeat every hour of the day to make sure nothing terrible was happening.

This was my everyday life for many years …

Until, one day, I’d had enough.

I was there, in an apartment in Bed Stuy in New York, before the hipsters took over. Except for my laptop and a blow-up mattress, my place was empty.

You see, I’d spent all my money for therapy and calming medications.

I had quit my high-power, high-stress job… and the pay that came with it.

I’d given up everything in the hope that I would find relief… but nothing helped.

Here’s the

When I was sitting on that apartment floor… I didn’t just have my laptop and blow up mattress.

I also owned a 9mm handgun.

It was loaded. It was loaded. There was no hope. All hope is gone You are just one step away from giving in.

Because I was so EXHAUSTED from trying to fight the panic.

I sat there, my eyes welling up with tears… then I thought the most beautiful thing of my life:

“I Wish Someone Would Come Here and Help Me With This…”

It was beautiful because it was the next answer.

The answer was …

“No one is coming to help you.”

I realized that noone else could help with my anxiety and panic.

No one else could give me a special therapy… or a secret pill… or a meditation routine that would stop the panic.

(Don’t get me wrong ‐ medication is important! It is also useful for those with chemical imbalances. If that’s you, you absolutely should take medication… but it wasn’t me. My brain is perfectly healthy. )

In that moment…

…and that my own thinking needed to change if I was ever going to find relief.

When I realized this, I put down my gun… and got started.

It was a long journey, but I’m going to tell you about my day today.

Today, I will go entire months without a panic attack.

When I do get an attack, it typically lasts for 5 or 6 seconds, and it never takes over my mind or my body like it used to.

I won’t tell you lies. I do get full blown panic / anxiety sometimes. I have a panic attack about three times per year.

But even those last for ten to fifteen seconds or less.

I no longer monitor my heartbeat…

I sleep like a fucking little baby …

And I am back to doing the same high pressure work I did, back when my anxiety attacks started…

Except now, I’m able to do this work anxiety free.

So What’s Changed?

It is simple: I discovered an ancient school of thought called “Stoicism”, and its modern offshoot “CBT .”

Both stoicism and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) are important.

They say that your thoughts come before your feelings.

When I realized this, I started paying special attention to the types of thoughts that came before stress… before anxiety… before panic attacks…

And I built a tool to stop them in their tracks.

To literally “unwind” thoughts before they become feelings.

In this way, I was able to “turn the volume down” on anxiety, on stress, even on panic attacks… simply by thinking my way through them.

And, as I mastered my ability to think through more panic …

Well… it just stopped showing up.

In My Quest to Banish Anxiety, I Learned Just Common Panic / Anxiety Truly Are…

We don’t talk about it much. However, panic attacks were common in everyone I met and everywhere I went, I saw people with them.

I spoke to the lady who cleaned out my house. She shared with me the story of her brother who returned from Iraq and suffered constant PTSD …


I spoke to the cashier at Big Y near my home. She told me about her husband, who was a shell of himself after depression medication…

And I was the first number my friends would call, when they “discovered” panic for themselves…

Because as the years passed, my friends learned what panic attack really meant.

From my coworker, who woke up one morning in a cold sweat …

To a friend who suddenly lost his ability to breathe and believed that his throat was closing.

When I talked to my friends, I obviously shared my techniques and method…

I was happy to discover that my tools worked for me!

It took time, of course…

But none of my friends suffered for years, like I did.

None of my friends gave up hope, like I did.

Brain & Body Power Free Trial

None of my friends were crippled to the point they sat in a dark room with a 9mm pistol…

And so I considered that a very strong “win.”

One of my close friends, Tim is in the publishing industry.

He saw the positive impact my techniques had on his mutual friends and decided to make a book.

A book that explains exactly how panic works …

(I looked everywhere for this when I started getting anxiety, and none of the answers were the “right” ones…)

A book which explained how to think your way through it…

A book which helped people stop their panic attacks dead, in as little as 30 seconds…

So, I did it.


How to Think Your Way Through Panic & Anxiety, and Stop Panic Attacks Cold in As Little as 30 Seconds

Phew! Wow!

You may think that this is marketing hype, but the truth is that I am terrible at naming things. So I just wrote down what the book does.

In this comprehensive, paperback sized book, I will show you exactly how to THINK your way through panic and anxiety…

It calms down. So you relax. It fades away.

You may believe that you are unable to think in panic attacks. I feel exactly what you are feeling. I was overwhelmed too.

But I promise…

The thinking you do will be quick. It will be easy.

It will be a simple, three step mantra you repeat to yourself.

No long essays. There is no self-therapy. A quick mantra to refocus that will bring you back to calm.

In fact, here’s a short list of all the ways I hope Freedom will help you live:

Benefit item placeholder

Benefit item placeholder

Benefit item placeholder

Benefit item placeholder

And obviously, that’s not all.

When I Shared Freedom With Family & Friends, They Raved About Their Results…

The main reason I wrote Freedom was because my family & friends were raving about my panic-killing technique…

I don’t want fame. I’m not even interested in running a business.

I just want to relax, do brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and write a novel ….

But my success stories truly inspired me to share this with you.

These stories may inspire you:

Anxiety began for me around three years ago. Panic attacks would be part of my DNA, I thought. Although it is premature, it seems this book actually did get rid of my panic attacks full stop. It takes faith to master the technique, but it worked for me. Although I am not yet out of the woods, my confidence is high and I feel able to relax and enjoy my life.

–Nathaniel K.

Holy $@!# It worked! This book is a blessing. One time I felt so panicked that I couldn’t stop panicking. This book was a gift from my partner. I still get anxiety attacks, but they come every few months instead of every few days. I can also talk freely about my anxiety, because I see it’s not a character flaw.

–Emily E.

I agree with some people, the advertising is a bit ridiculous and I was skeptical when I bought this program a few years ago, but what can I say I was desperate. This program works. It works every time I experience panic attacks. It works. It made me feel that I wasn’t alone and was not crazy. I cannot express how grateful I am for that.

–Cody B.

Other “Courses” About Panic & Anxiety Sell For $97… $297… or More…

This was another reason I wrote Freedom: because I searched the entire internet for help, during my anxiety. I couldn’t find anything.

But the courses I did find were… excuse my French… fucking expensive!

I know people need to make money, but damn…

When you’re talking about something as life-changing… as crippling as panic or anxiety attacks… I feel like everyone should be able to afford this kind of information.

That is why Freedom was written as a book and not a course. This is why I charge a paperback fee.

When you click the button below, you can claim your copy of Freedom for only $27. 00 today.

No hidden charges. No strings. No recurring payments.

It’s exactly like you went down to Barnes & Noble and bought a book on anxiety / panic…

Except, in my humble opinion… I truly believe Freedom to be better than the other books out there.

( If they were good enough, I wouldn’t have to write mine )

I know that’s an impressive claim, so let me make it clear …

Best of All, Freedom Comes With Our Outrageous…

Get your copy of Freedom. Take three full months to use these techniques, then judge for yourself the value of this course to your ecommerce business.

If Freedom fails to live up to my promises or your expectations… if you are anything less than 100% satisfied…

Simply let me know, and I will happily return every cent of your purchase price. No questions asked.

Contact our Customer Support team to arrange a return. Call [Phone Number] or send an email to [support email address] for a quick and complete refund.

But don’t be afraid.

I know you’ll be able to see how this book can help you live a life without anxiety and panic.

So what are you waiting?

Click the “Next Step” button below, and let’s get started.

Our Website is Fully Protected By The Latest Secure Technology, So Your Order Is 100% Secure…

When you click the button below, you’ll be taken to our Secure Server, which is encrypted with the latest SSL 128-bit Security.

For your total protection.

Simply enter your order information, and we will immediately take you to your members area.

Like i said, Tim is in publishing. He is an expert in many areas. He knows, for example, how much it costs to purchase and read a book.

And, spoiler alert… It ain’t Cheap.

So when he asked me how much I wanted to charge, I told him, “as low as possible.”

Right now, that’s our fantastic price of $27.00.

But if it costs us too much to reach new people, we will have no choice but to increase that price…

Not by a lot! After all, paperback books sell for up to around $40 on Amazon, right now. I will not break my word or charge insane prices.

But Tim may need me to increase our price slightly. It is possible that I will have to raise our price slightly, but I don’t know when.

That’s why… if you’re interested in beating your own panic and anxiety attacks… I recommend you claim your copy of Freedom, right now:

You have nothing to lose… and your purchase is guaranteed for a full 90 days.

In this long-awaited letter, I introduced you to a powerful new way to banish panic & anxiety attacks …

I told you my story (in more detail than I’ve ever told family & friends)…

I told you how and why I found my simple anxiety-calming trick…

I introduced you to some friends who have tried this technique and let them tell you how it has transformed their lives.

And I offered to give you all the goods for as little as $27. 00 – the price of a paperback book – with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Now… well, the decision is up to you…

I hope you’ll come along with me. I hope that you will one day feel as free from anxiety as I do. I wish you will one day forget your anxiety attacks and realize that it was six years ago.

But I also know what happens if you do nothing about anxiety:

Left alone, it builds, it grows…it festers…until it overtakes every aspect of your life. It creeps into every part of your life …

I don’t want it for you. This is why I need to ask you again to get your copy of Freedom. So I can help you stop your panic and anxiety attacks cold, in as little as 30 seconds.

Just click this button to join me today:

I’m so happy for you to come join me ,


Buy Now,

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