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&nbsp Ever since ‘The Game’ by Neil Strauss was released years ago

people have been asking ‘What is this October Man thing?’ Now I’ve researched

the source material come up with the answer!

&nbsp I’ve been in the ‘seduction game’ for a number of years have had a

great deal of success. &nbsp But I’m always on the lookout for new techniques,

new , and new ways of doing things that will help me achieve even more

success. &nbsp That’s why I was so intrigued upon reading about ‘October

Man’. &nbsp What was this pattern, and did it really work as advertised? &nbsp

The rumor was that it would change any woman’s identity and make her yours.

&nbsp So I did my homework. &nbsp I finally found someone selling the pattern

on eBay for $99. &nbsp A small price to pay for top-level seduction technology,

or so I thought.

&nbsp Unfortunately the instructions were not too clear, and

after showing some friends of mine that are very knowledgeable about hypnosis

and NLP it was discovered that this was not the true sequence.

&nbsp But something very positive came out of my search – I discovered a whole load of routines and patterns that I would have otherwise never found. It doesn’t matter if your bag is persuasion, seduction, hypnosis… these patterns will help in any area of life. And knowing them will protect from those that wish to do you harm.

NEW For 2009/2010:

Two Minute Trust – Get her to trust you fast and catch multiple shortcuts with the power of storytelling

Fantasy Installation – Convince women that you are their fantasy man after you say these simple words!

Satan’s Power – Meet a religious girl? Turn her “God” into a maniac and watch the religious influence disappear…

Boyfriend Annihilation – This goes beyond the normal “Boyfriend Destroyer” and is even more insidious Block Destroyer – Have competition? Not any more! This story reaches inside a woman’s mind and obliterates anyone else trying to get her attention

RISK – a simple, 4-step system for delivering patterns. Forget all the “guru” advice about the 99 things you need to do when delivering patterns – just remember these 4 and you’ll do great

Pleasure and Pain – Link her greatest feelings ever… to you!

Here are more evil patterns you’ll discover:

The Complete October Man Sequence: this was made famous in the best-selling book ‘The Game’ – this is the first time ever the actual techniques have been revealed!

‘The Door’: A never-before-released explanation of ‘The Door’ pattern. This will make a person feel fear and panic if they are without you. If I told you who taught me this one, you’d be shocked… but I am not allowed to reveal his name! People have actually been SUED for using this so please use with caution.

Boyfriend Destroying Techniques: Brand-new ‘boyfriend destroying’ patterns and techniques – you will be shown the most common problems in a relationship and how to pinpoint which ones are the most vulnerable in your target.

Magic Questions: A little-used and long-forgotten technique to enter the mind of your target – these simple questions will have her thinking you know her better than her best friends – and the slickest thing about it is they will LOVE answering these! Ask these early in the interaction and you will be seen as congruent when you go deeper into her mind later.

What Was Once True: An extremely powerful method for eliciting a person’s values – and then annihilating them. This technique has been used for decades by cult gurus and others to obtain complete control over the mind of another person. Now it’s yours.

Install Sickness: We’ve all been sick. Remember the last time you were sick, and how awful you felt? This is a pattern to install those feelings in your target!

Death Pattern: This one is included in order to defend yourself from it. Some sickos who happen to be skilled in NLP and hypnosis are running around using this – and it’s intended to do exactly what it says – get someone to think about death constantly.

My Own Personal Routines: Just for the hell of it I threw in a couple short stories from my personal life that I’ve recited to women in the past. Two are included… one to install a feeling of ‘love at first sight’ and ‘fate’, the other a real-life story about a wild sexual encounter that encourages a woman already attracted to you to really let loose.

Visualization Exercises: These will help you when you are running patterns. Using them will help you visualize a connection with the person you are talking to – and help you enter her mind more easily.

&nbsp If you’re like most people, you refuse to believe technology this powerful exists. But that is the equivalent of putting your head in the sand.

&nbsp Top persuasion experts have held seminars on ‘dark’ persuasion tactics – for $2000. Now the knowledge can be yours for a much more reasonable price. But beware! Rumor has it that many people left the seminars with headaches, depression, and other ailments. If you are immature it is best you close this page now.

Here is what people are saying about ‘Forbidden Patterns’:

“Jack Ellis has some balls! A few years ago I dabbled with asking the
question of how NLP can be used in a less than helpful way. I got
assaulted from every angle for just thinking it! Jack Ellis is laying it all on
the line and not pulling any punches. If the thought of using REAL power is
frightening… go away NOW!”

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp David Barron, Persuasion Expert

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

WARNING: This information is not for everybody. This book is short, simple, and to the point. I discuss and share some very important information and don’t hold anything back. I will reveal the truth to you just as it is – that’s my job. I don’t sugarcoat anything and don’t pull any punches.

So, if you’re offended by a little controversy, new ideas, or new ways of thinking, or explicit instructions and advice, and if you’re going to let that get in the way of your discovering the powerful information we provide, then it’s probably best that you don’t buy this book now.

Just wanted to make that clear. Also, the author is NOT responsible for anything that takes place in your life as a result of using the information in this book.

P.S. You are buying this book risk-free. Buy it now, try the tools you will receive out for 60 days. If you notice no difference in your persuasion skills, just drop me a line and I’ll refund ALL your money!

Special Bonus!

Order now and you will receive my special book on cult leaders and their persuasion tactics, ‘Cult Control’. This sold for $39 by itself as recently as this week – now it’s yours with your order of ‘Forbidden Patterns’.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will appear on my credit card/bank statement?

A: It will show up as a charge from Clickbank or CLK*BNK. The name of the book will not appear.

Q: Is your site secure?

A: My site doesn’t process orders – all orders are processed through ClickBank which has the most secure ordering process possible. It’s much more secure than phone or mail – in fact, no human being will ever see your information.

Q: I am at work, can I save to a different computer when I get home?

A: Yes, you can save it anywhere you like.

Q: Can I use PayPal?

A: Yes! PayPal is an option with Clickbank.

Q: What is an ebook?

A: It is an electronic file that if printed out would look much like a book does. You can view ebooks online, download them to your computer or even print out the pages you want. They are in pdf format which can be read by practically every computer and device.

Q: I’m not good with computers. What if I need help?

A: I’m only an email away. I will usually respond to help emails within a couple of hours – definitely no longer than 24 hours. The process is so simple that anybody can do it.

Q: If I lose the ebook (like a computer crash) what do I do?

A: I can confirm that you ordered and email you the book again at no charge.

Q: What if I have problems downloading the book?

A: I will email the ebooks as an attachment which 99.9% of people can open successfully.

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