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Are any of these images a reminder of the painful side effects of Sores Herpes Complex?

Photos of Cold Sores sufferers

Here are a few more symptoms that Sores sufferers has to endure:

If that’s not enough. Youve looked everywhere to find a cure.

Youve tried every over-the-counter product available. These products only mask the problem, not fix it. You also discovered that these products only tried to dry the problem. This left you with a large, red, pussy spot on your face .

Some products may only reduce pain by reducing inflammation, but they don’t address the root cause.

Prescription medications prescribed by dermatologists doctors have worked for you. Prescription creams pills can be very effective, but only for a brief time. Your cold sores will return!

To get another prescription, you will need to be absent from work for another day and pay a co-pay.

You’ve tried Chinese medicine and herbal supplements. If I’m right, they didn’t work.

How can I find out?

Because I’ve been cold-sore-free for more than 5 years.

Ive lived through the embarrassing herpes complex (cold-sores) for nearly 12 years.

I felt embarrassed every day, just like you. I was not like others who only get one or two infections per year. My outbreaks were every few weeks. Or right after my previous blisters had cleared up.

I was desperate for a solution.

I defied every doctor along with their expensive treatments and over-the-counter products.

Yes, even Abreva. Actually, I feel like throwing a tube at the TV every time I see an Abreva advertisement.

After fighting my cold sore battle for 7 years, I finally reached rock bottom.

Due to my depression, I was taking anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication. I rarely left the house. To avoid having to go face-to-face, I began taking online classes. To make it easier, I quit my corporate job and started working online. My hiding place was my home.

My family saw me hiding from the outside world and they made sense of it.

To stop my family from making me leave the house, I decided to control my cold sore. To relieve my pain, I channeled my anger, fear and embarrassment towards creating a real remedy.

Surprised, I discovered a solution that worked. It’s all-natural, cheap, and simple to start.

Importantly, after just three days, I woken up and walked to the mirror. My excitement almost made me fall over. My cold sore was gone. It was unbelievable.

This same treatment has worked for me 5 years later and my cold sore is still not gone.

I am happy to report that I have more confidence in myself, my self-esteem, and my social life than ever before. I still date, I go to campus classes, and I work in the field that I love again in my corporate office.

I am not afraid to facilitate presentations at my job. Every week, I get together with my friends for drinks and dinner. We laugh for hours.

Even better, Cold Sore Free Forever can do the exact same thing!

Cold Sore Free Forever, an easy-to-follow program to treat cold sores naturally, is here!

It is a downloadable program that can be used wherever you are. The instructions are clear, concise and simple to follow at home.

You will also be able to understand your symptoms and what you can do to stop it!

…Just as Cold Sore Free Forever has done for these past sufferers

Claudette Taylor

” Thank you for sharing your knowledge on how to heal cold sores. It was quite amazing to see the same cold sores which have haunted me all my life disappear like this. I tried several lotions and creams before, but none of them worked long-term. To show you what I mean, I am attaching my photos to this email. Doctor, thank you. “

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Amanda Dolson

Toronto, Canada I’ve tried for years to get rid my cold sores which appear every now and again on my upper lips. They are too ugly, and every time I have them I feel like I should stay home until they disappear.

It was amazing to see that they have not developed any cold sores after just a few days of following your program. They have completely healed!

You are truly amazing. This was more than cold sores. It was all about the pain I felt when I had to leave with them. This is now a thing of the past.

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Gina Brownie

Costa Rica
” I’m not someone who sends thank you notes, but I have to say that I appreciate your efforts. After just two days, I noticed a significant improvement. My mouth was almost healed when i woke up the next morning. Can I add anything else? You really know what you are doing and will highly recommend your guidance to all my friends, Thank you loads”

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Valerie Tanez


“If you want to cure cold sores the natural way; you found the definitive solution. Cold sores almost made me give up on living, but I didn’t. “Cold sore free forever” is my guide to how to eliminate this condition.

Helen Sunny


“Hello! “Hello! Although I was skeptical at first, I found out that my beliefs were wrong. It was hard for me to believe that something like this could be healed and made better. However, you can. You can make a difference in your life by taking the initiative to do it. “

Cold Sore Free Forever will help you to treat any herpes complex that is causing your misery.

Youll get…

Dana Wilkinson

, United States

“I have been a long-term cold sores patient and tried many creams, but none worked for me over a long time.

Your web site received positive reviews while I was searching for another sores cream. Although I was skeptical, I found several positive reviews about your site on other websites.

It was two months ago. I am happy to report that I have not seen any cold sores since I started following your program. Your program is highly recommended as it has healed my sores in places where other methods failed.

[View Original Testimony]

Susanne Smitters

New Jersey

“Hi doctor, I want to give a personal testimonial and highly recommend your program for any cold sores suffers out their.

Since I was a youngster, cold sores have plagued me. I tried many different products but nothing worked. Because I never addressed the root cause of my problem, the sores continued to return.

My sores vanished like never before after I tried this simple program.
This is the best way to permanently cure your sores.

[View Original Testimony]

Brian Devor

New Zealand

“I have been suffering from cold sores since I was a teenager. I tried many products, but my stubborn sores never stopped. My friends recommended that I have plastic surgery, but my family doctor recommended your natural remedy. It was more than worth my time, Thanks..”

[View Original Testimony]

Maria Eleon


“My mouth’s sores vanished in less than 5 days after trying your instructions. They started to heal almost like they had died.

Your easy-to-follow and efficient guidance made me very happy. Maria Eleon. “

These are only a few people who have experienced long-lasting relief from embarrassing and painful cold sores with the Cold Sore Free Forever program.

Listen. Or, you could continue to suffer from the same horrible problems and try products that don’t work.

Because I understand what you’re going through, I want my help to make it easier. This program is so powerful that I know of people who will pay hundreds of dollars to get it.

You don’t have to be worried. This program was created to assist others.

So for that reason, and for a limited time only, I’m making Cold Sore Free Forever available for only…

NOTE: Cold Sore Free Forever is a digital product. You will receive access to

the entire system immediately after you order – even if it’s 2am!

That’s right! This is the best way to cure your cold sores forever.

Now, you can continue to pay for useless over-the-counter remedies at $15 a tube.

Or, you can keep paying your monthly $20 doctors office co-pays, taking days off from work ($100 – $300 a day) either to go to the doctor or to stay hidden at home, afraid to come out. Not to mention the cost of the prescription drug ($10), each month.

You can also get Cold Sore Free Forever for one price and you will never need to search for a treatment or visit a dermatologist again about your cold sores.

Treatment Frequency Cost Total Yearly Cost
Over-the-counter treatment 1 Time per month $15 $180
Doctors visit 4 Times per year $20 $80
Prescription 1 Time per month $10 $120
Time off work 2 days per month $100 -$300 $2,400 – $7,200
Cold Sore Free Forever 1 Time Only $37 $37

Do you think Cold Sore Free Forever, the best way to get rid of cold sores is for you?

You also get my money-back guarantee, with no hassles, no risk.

If, for any reason, youre not able to cure your cold sores or herpes simplex virus (HSV-1). Or, if the product does not do exactly what it claims, simply contact me within the first 60 days to receive a prompt and full refund.

No Questions – No Hassles – No Risk

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