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Symptoms and How to Spot Them

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Depression Symptoms and How to Spot Them

Depression symptoms are similar in children, teens and elderly. In younger children, signs may be sadness, irritability, neediness, or worry. However, older children and teens may experience a different set of symptoms. This article will look at some of the most common signs and symptoms of depression. If or someone love is suffering from depression, it’s important to know what to look for. Here are some of the most common signs of depression and how to spot them.

Research in the St. Louis VA Medical Center has shown that depressive symptoms increase the risk of heart attacks by 40%. In fact, depressive symptoms are linked with several lifestyle risk factors, including low physical activity, smoking, and poor sleep quality. The researchers are now investigating whether addressing these mental health issues can reduce the risk of a heart attack. While these results are not conclusive, they suggest the need to continue examining the relationship between these factors and depression.

People who suffer from depression may be experiencing severe symptoms such as low energy, feeling sad and disinterested in life. They may also have thoughts of self-harm or suicide. While many cases of depression are manageable and respond well to treatment, the disease may reoccur. If you suffer from depression, don’t wait to seek treatment. You may need it to improve your quality of life. When left untreated, depression can lead to lowered self-esteem, social withdrawal, and even suicidal thoughts. The World Health Organization has estimated that depression will be the second leading cause of disability worldwide by 2020.

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Symptoms of depression vary from person to person. In many cases, the symptoms of depression are due to a combination of genetics, stress, and stressful events in the person’s life. Certain health conditions and prescription drugs can also lead to depression, but in most cases, depression can be treated with the help of psychotherapy. For instance, the VA estimates that one in three Veterans visiting a primary care clinic has some symptoms of depression. One in five of these patients has serious symptoms that indicate the need for further evaluation. One in eight to ten of these veterans suffers from major depression.

SAD is a specific type of clinical depression. It affects people during the fall and winter and is more common in northern climates. Light therapy is one of the common treatments for this type of depression. Bright lights are used to stimulate the body’s natural clock, causing the symptoms to subside. Additionally, patients may receive antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and psychotherapy. Symptoms of SAD may include:

Women and men are both at risk of developing depression. Men experience depression much more subtly than do older people. Women may feel tired, irritable, and angry, and may even engage in risky behavior. Those suffering from depression are also more likely to attempt suicide, and men tend to live longer than women. Furthermore, girls are twice as likely to develop depression after reaching puberty. Moreover, negative experiences during childhood may also increase the risk of developing depression.

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