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Better Brain, Better Game!

ATTENTION: For anyone that struggles with high-stress levels, depression, insomnia, or a troubled state of mind, you can discover…

Dear Friend,

It’s time to put yourself back in driver’s seat of your life.

Mental health in poverty is a serious topic that should not be taken lightly.

In following few minutes I will share with you ways you can tackle anxiety.

Your stress, worry, fears should never dictate how you should live your life ever again…

These feelings can be overcome, and you don’t need to take any medication to “temporarily” ease your mind.

First, you need to understand that the key to feeling calm and collected and not “lost in your head” is to master what some doctors call “your second brain.”

I know that sounds insane, but it is true.


Listen: there is no one simple cure for anxiety.

Because there are many variables that can lead to anxiety, it takes more than one change in order to eliminate it for good.

Most people don’t understand how diet affects how your body and mind function.

Enter The Anti-Anxiety Plan.

If you suffer from anxiety, this book will show you how to take a natural approach to improving your mind and well-being.

You’ve heard this saying before–

“You are what you eat.”

According to John Hopkins Medical School research, your gut is likely to tell you when you feel anxious or nervous.

AKA the “second brain.”

This is why your stomach will “act up” just before an important event like a job interview, or even a date.

Studies such as these are changing the way people think about digestion, mood, health, and even thinking.

The The anti anxiety plan recipes are free from ingredients that can cause inflammation, anxiety, or sluggishness.

That’s why the launch for this book is taking the health and wellness community by storm…

Instead eating unnatural and refined foods, The anti anxiety recipe plan uses ingredients such as antioxidants, healthy oils, and healing herbs.

They’re good for you. Inside, you’ll find 50+ anxiety-relieving recipes so mouth-watering, they’ll blow your favorite stuffed crust pizza out of the water.

Dishes like Korean Style Steak and Kimchi Wraps…Sweet Potato Frittatas…Turmeric Tahini Buddha Bowls…Crispy Baked Chicken Cutlets…and Lemon Poppylicious Energy Balls

(And they blast anxiety away with each bite)

These “Holistic Mind Soothing Ingredients” are all-natural, time-tested ingredients that BANISH anxious thoughts and SOOTHE your brain.

Not only are they useful for restoring your energy and vitality, but also for your health.


Each recipe harnesses the power and the Paleo Diet.

Because sure, Paleo is still making waves everywhere.

It’s recently been featured on popular shows like Rachael Ray and Dr. Oz, and it’s backed by leading Doctors and Nutritionists. Megan Fox, Jessica Biel and Anne Hathaway have used it!

And for good reason:

The Paleo diet consists of eating whole foods that have been healthy for many centuries.

The core principles of

are simple.

  • No processed foods
  • No dairy
  • No refined sugars

Basically, if your “stone age ancestors” didn’t eat it, neither should you.

This diet typically includes 2/3 of the vegetables and 1/3 of the lean protein, fruits and healthy fat.

However, it’s not all fun and games…

Before today, being Paleo meant giving up all gluten, dairy, and artificial ingredients.


The Anti-Anxiety Recipe Plan is changing all of that…

Let’s indulge in paleo-friendly, appetizing versions of everything we are told to “give up” the paleo diet.


Avo Choco Mousse…Maple Macaroons…Cherry Chocolate Chip Smoothies…Cinnamon Apples…

Try not to look at the beautiful photos below.

But before we go, let me introduce myself:

Hi! My name is Danny Jeffers.

I am a health- and wellness enthusiast. For years, I have struggled with crippling anxiety. That’s why for the past six months, I’ve been obsessed with one single goal…

Today, I am proud to announce that I have finally cracked the “Anxiety Code”. I’ve discovered 50+ Anti-Anxiety recipes that are downright to-die-for…

And I would like to share them with all of you.

So that you can nourish your body and mind, have a happy life, and escape from your negative thoughts…

WITHOUT using medication.

WITHOUT giving up your favorite guilty pleasures.

And WITHOUT eating the same, bland foods every day.

What’s more: these recipes will work for you even if you’ve tried other diets…

You don’t have a need to be an expert in the kitchen or spend hours trying to figure out every recipe.

The holistic, mind-soothing components in The anti-anxiety recipe plan are here to calm down and not cause more stress.

It’s difficult to share but I think it’s important so here we go…

I didn’t realize that I would end up in an ER the day after that.

It was a normal Thursday morning. As I got out of bed, I made what I believed was a healthy breakfast.

If you saw me in public, you would not think anything was wrong.

I exercised every day. I had a great job, a girlfriend and a lot of friends.

Despite looking happy and content in my life, I felt exhausted and was constantly shaming myself for not living up to my potential.

I hated my life for no good reason at all…

My mind was foggy. My head was always dizzy.

I just felt so…off.

Sound familiar?

But, at the same time I felt like I had always been “on edge.”

I thought of EVERYTHING.

Sometimes, it felt like I would “forget” how people talk to me.

“Should I talk now?”

“Am I saying the right thing?”

“How can I be sure everything will be fine?”

But it gets worse.

These “symptoms” are only the tip of the iceberg.

It was almost like someone had hijacked my thoughts at noon that day.

I was in the middle of a small meeting for my work, right in the heart of downtown Santa Monica, California.

Something inside me yelled at me to get out NOW.

It was almost like my mind was telling me I was being chased by a tiger.

My breathing became heavy so I got up and ran outside to get fresh air.

But, I could feel my anxiety crawling through my skin…

I looked around.

It really was a beautiful day in Santa Monica, the sun was shining, the palm trees swaying…

But underneath it all, I felt broken.

I thought to myself, “did somebody drug me?”

Nothing made sense.

After pacing the streets like a madman I called an Uber to get back to my house.

I knew that I could not stay here.

After waiting for hours, I finally got in my Uber and started to sweat bullets.

Inside the car, I tried desperately to tell my driver that I needed to get to the ER NOW.

He ran me over.

And as you can probably guess they couldn’t give me a straight answer about what was wrong.

A kind nurse told me it might’ve been just vertigo and it would eventually “go away.”

The rest of the staff said to “sleep it off…”


That was the best answer I could get?

I must have been insane. I wanted to give in.

Was this a one-time event?

But for the next few months, my anxiety would rear its ugly head again…

My negative self-talk would sneak in at random times of the day.

And my brain would fire off alarm bells during normal moments…

Like right before an important presentation I had to give at work…

While talking to a coworker…

Sitting in a crowded room with strangers…or friends…

And even while getting a haircut …!

This intense anxiety dripped into other parts of my life too…

Eventually, I couldn’t focus at work anymore.

And my relationship with my lovely girlfriend was strained.

I felt like I was being suffocated by it all.

But here’s the deal.

I never told anyone that I was anxious.

This is because I didn’t want to deal the “stigma” or feel embarrassed about it.

I couldn’t bear to feel this way any longer.

I started experimenting with antidepressants.

Whenever doctors would prescribe me medicine or a new over the counter pill, I would ask them if I could have three more…

I just wanted to banish my anxiety forever.

You name it, I have tried it.

But it didn’t work.

Sometimes they would only make me feel a little better…

But I still felt some symptoms.

The rush of uncertainty….

The heightened senses…

Me questioning every tiny thing…

And that’s IF it didn’t make me feel like a zombie.

I couldn’t continue like this.

I started to look for a holistic approach.

No, not meditation.

It is already difficult to meditate without anxiety. How would I “clear my head” with it?

I thought I could find another.

The more I delved into this issue, the more I learned.

And then I discovered that…

Remember the things I said earlier.

Some doctors call your gut “the second brain.”

Sounds strange but it’s true.

Your gut and mind are interconnected.

Together, they determine your overall health. If your gut health is out-of-balance, your body will also know it!

I discovered this after looking at studies from John Hopkins Medical School and Harvard, The National Center for Biotechnology and Psychology Today.

For example, most fried foods such as chicken, french fries and onion rings can be very bad for your health.

They’re prepared in hydrogenated oils, making them more difficult to digest.

These foods can sap your energy even hours after you have eaten them!

But it might surprise you to learn that even foods that you consider “healthy” can actually cause damage to your nervous system.

Sometimes, their negative effect is so powerful, you can overstimulate your nervous system to the point that it feels like you’re reliving a stressful life event or bad memory.

And I don’t just mean coffee or caffeine.

Too much dairy or even a simple fruit juice can cause fatigue and make concentration difficult.

I took a good, hard look at my diet and what I’ve been feeding “my second brain” for years…

Here I was lost in my daily dose of mental hell, and the reason was right in front of me this entire time…

So now you know that your gut has a deeper connection to the rest of your body, and especially your anxiety…

What do you do?

You can’t “numb your senses” with medication. They only “manage” anxiety temporarily.

And you shouldn’t “skip” certain meals. A drop in sugar levels in the body can cause anxiety.

After a friend introduced me to a paleo, all-natural, and real food diet, my mind began to recover.

Almost instantly, my brain fog, dizziness, and near fight-or-flight symptoms vanished.

My anxiety wasn’t gnawing at my conscious 24/7.

For the first time in years, I felt a genuine, natural joy.

But, as I mentioned before, the only problem?

Paleo makes you cut grains, high-fat meats, sugar, salty foods…

The list goes on…

This basically means that I could not eat anything else.

My pizza, doughnuts and everything in-between.

My cravings went crazy!

Perhaps you can relate:

I wanted to chow down on cheesecake after dinner…

I wanted to devour a frozen pizza with my friends and watch Game of Thrones with a cold one in my hand…

And there’s nothing out there that hits it like my mom’s famous spaghetti and meatballs.

But now I couldn’t indulge in any of those guilty pleasures…

So I searched far and wide, looking for a chef who understood the deep relationship food has with your mind…

Not only was that important, but I also needed someone who could whip up delicious, fast-food meals.

And that’s when I met…

Let me introduce, Melissa.

Melissa is a certified nutritional chef and graduate from The Academy of Culinary Nutrition.

She is able to transform “unhealthy” dishes into healthy meals that are full of flavor.

You’ve likely seen her recipes on Dr. Oz and on The Kitchen Blog For Fisher, Paykel Appliances and Readers Digest.

Melissa gets it.

She is passionate about cooking and loves sharing her knowledge on all things health.

I met her in New York City after attending one of her workshops on health and well-being.

At the event, she talked about her personalized nutrition programs, and she gave a demonstration of one of her original recipes.

But the thing that really resonated with me was her talk about the “gut brain connection”, something I had done a lot of research on.

After the event was over, I met up with my friend and shared what I had learned about this topic.

She was honest with me, sharing her struggles with anxiety, food sensitivities and chronic stress.

At first, she thought that there was nothing wrong with her…maybe it’s you.

You see, she was a road warrior who was always on the move and worked long hours.

Whenever she would visit a traditional doctor to tackle this problem, they would just try to give her pills…

But there was no way that she would fall into this downward spiral.

She instead took a closer look at her recipes.

She figured out how she could adjust them so that they would not only help her with food allergies, but also with her stress and anxiety too!

And of course, being a top chef, she knew that she wanted them to be delicious.

The result?

The Anti-Anxiety Recipe Plan, her new recipe book filled with 50+ mouth-watering anxiety relieving recipes that lets you indulge while keeping your mind clear and your heart happy.

While I was there in person, she shared some of her recipes from her book with me.

I sampled them, and had to double check with her to ask her again what the ingredients were…

I told her that she needed to share the recipes from this book with more people.

Listen: no one wants to force bland, lifeless food down their throat.

That’s why Inside The Anti-Anxiety Recipe Plan, you can be rest assured, every recipe is bursting with flavor.

Each bite of the chocolate chip muffins and cranberry orange bread are warm and delicious.

The mouthwatering sweet potato frittata can be made savory.

The chicken cutlets, and broiled salmon, are filling and rich.

The cherry on top is that if you’re looking to shed an extra few pounds and feel more energized than ever, they can be made PALEO…

What’s great is that most of these are easy to make in a matter of minutes and with minimal equipment.

You can use exactly what you have in your kitchen now to get started right away after work… guilt-free!

You can forget having to go to different grocery stores every week…

Each ingredient can be purchased at your local grocery store. These recipes are not only delicious, but also good for your health.

Goodbye to long, exhausting grocery store visits… Hello to easy mood and easy food.

Remember: each recipe is natural and nourishes your “second brain.” This means you won’t have to deal with any weird chemicals.

Each page has a nutritional breakdown as well as an explanation of how each ingredient affects your body and mind.

The bottom line is that there’s something to suit everyone!

And just to reiterate one more time…

Look! No one likes complex recipes, especially for someone who is anxious or high-stress.

This is why each recipe in The Ant-Anxiety Recipe Plan has been simplified!

Most can be prepared in 15-30 minutes…

And some, even faster!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay in order to make these.

Even if you have difficulty preparing the most basic dishes, you can still make these delicious, mind-soothing meals and snacks in The anti-anxiety recipe plan without any problems.

You might also be concerned about the ingredients…

And specifically, where you can get them…

Now, I’ll be straight with you:

If this is your first cookbook, then sure, some of the ingredients will be new.

But most, if not all, of these items are already in your kitchen.

Things like cinnamon, baking soda, lemon juice…

All the ingredients you require can be purchased at your local “normal” grocery or online (from your home) on Amazon.

Plus every recipe has a breakdown of the time it takes to prepare each dish. The inside scoop on how each ingredient feeds your body and mind will also be provided.

I wanted to share with you what’s included in The Anti Anxiety Recipe Plan because originally, the price for this hovered over $65.

However, Melissa and her publisher’s have agreed that this will be given away for NO NEIGTHING near the amount!

All in all, you get:

I will even make sure you don’t lose a penny if you order The anti-anxiety recipe plan today.

That’s because you’re backed by this…

I want to share this recipe book with you, at no risk.

All the pressure is on me.

Why am I doing it?

Because you’ve been there.

I know what it is like to make a positive impact on your health and well being.

I understand how difficult it can be to make something delicious and healthy at the end every anxious day.

I know how difficult things can get in the kitchen.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the paleo diet or a seasoned cook who is looking for healthy, delicious food.

I want you to feel the life-changing effects of these holistic, mind-soothing herbs.

And The Anti-Anxiety Recipe plan does exactly that.

You’re at an important crossroads.

You can do what I did and spend the next few months or even YEARS testing out every antidepressant you can imagine trying to get rid of your anxiety alone…

Spending thousands of dollars on doctors visits, therapy sessions, and more…

Only to still “get by” trapped inside your mental prison…

Or… you can skip all of that insanity, ditch the pills, and save a ton of money by investing in your health today.

And remember, Melissa’s publishers are giving away this $65+ value recipe plan… All for the price of a medium size pizza.

It’s an investment in your happiness … which I’m sure is worth a lot more to you than the tiny cost of this recipe book.

Don’t you think so?

You take no risk. You have a full 60 days to try out these recipes in The Anti Anxiety Recipe Plan yourself.

If you’re not jumping with joy over your improved mood, clearer mind, and if you’re not excited about how mouth-watering these recipes are…

You don’t pay a dime. As a thank you, the recipe book will remain yours.

Let’s do this — together — click the button below and claim your copy of The Anti-Anxiety Recipe Plan right now:

Q. How can these recipes relieve my anxiety?

Your mind and body are interconnected. Your mind and body are connected.

If you aren’t eating the right foods, you will feel anxious, sluggish and “not right .”

The delicious meals inside The Anti Anxiety Recipe Plan are backed by holistic mind-soothing ingredients you can use to nourish your “second brain.”

Q – Can I find all the ingredients at a regular grocery store?

Almost all the ingredients in The Anti Anxiety recipe Plan are available in regular grocery stores (e.g. Wal-Mart, Target, Publix, etc.). Target, Kroger, Wal-Mart, Publix, etc…)

They’re also all on Amazon if you want to shop from the comfort of your own home, and can definitely be found in health food stores like Whole Foods.

Q – Are all meals, even desserts, approved by the paleo diet?

All of the meals, including entrees, side dishes, salads and soups, are approved by paleo.

Q. How difficult is it to prepare every meal after reading this book?

A majority of the meals and desserts can be put together in 15 minutes or less (not including cook/chill time) – the recipes are meant to be easy to follow so you can whip up these tasty dishes and treats for yourself and your loved ones with minimal effort.

Q. What allergens are contained in The Anti Anxiety Recipe Plan?

Some allergens that you should be aware of are coconut flour, coconut oil/cream, coconut butter, coconut milk/cream and coconut butter, nuts (like pecans, almonds, cashews and macadamia nuts), and eggs. To avoid using butter and ghee in certain recipes, coconut oil can be used instead.

Q: Is The Anti Anxiety Recipe Plan really backed by a 100% money-back-guarantee?

Yes. There is no risk. You have a full 60 days to try out these recipes in The Anti Anxiety Recipe Plan yourself.

If you’re not jumping with joy over your improved mood, clearer mind, and if you’re not excited about how mouth-watering these recipes are…

You don’t pay a dime. As a thank you, the recipe book will remain yours.

Q. I don’t think these recipes can stop my anxiety. What makes this different?

Intense anxiety or depression is nothing to take lightly. Because I have struggled with them for years, I know.

The Anti Anxiety Recipe Plan differs because it uses a natural holistic approach to restore harmony to your mind and health.

Sure, some of the most powerful medical drugs can temporarily relieve your pain…but why not tackle the root cause of your anxiety and feed your brain with the right nutrients?

Buy Now,

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