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Certified Law of Attraction Coach Who Suffered From Two Heart Surgeries, Severe , and Imminent Bankruptcy Reveals How Can Easily Activate The Same Manifestation Superpowers That Allowed Him to Triple His Income, Attract a Loving Relationship, and Manifest His Dream Life

From: The Desk of Sebastian Soul

To: Deliberate Creator

We are on the verge of a global .

The unemployment rates are at an all-time high.

Millions of people are suffering from anxiety and depression.

And popular news channels are poisoning vibration with negativity all day long.

They use their Fear Frequency to keep you at such a low level of consciousness that attracting more money, love and happiness into life becomes IMPOSSIBLE!

We are on the verge of the biggest financial crisis in the history of mankind and I don’t want you to end up in the same dark, hopeless, and desperate place I ended up in.

“What happened to you, Sebastian?” I hear you asking.

Now let me take you back to 2019…

I was ready to jump.

Finally! My suffering was about to end!

The balcony I was standing on was so tiny that one wrong move was enough to set me free.

Free from the guilt I felt for destroying a promising relationship with my insatiable ego.

Free from the self-hate and self-pity I felt whenever I looked into the mirror and saw all these scars on a way too skinny body.

Free from the shame of barely being able to afford a flight from Bangkok, Thailand to Frankfurt, Germany…just to move back in with my parents…as an adult.

Yes, Bangkok…that’s where I was at that moment…on a tiny balcony on the 21st floor.

  • My relationship? Destroyed!
  • My business? Failed!
  • My money? Gone!

My spirit? Broken…

I just wanted to jump. I just wanted to end it all. I just wanted to stop feeling like a failure…like a disappointment.

“Please God, if you exist, tell me…how can I stop this suffering? Please make me stop feeling these emotions! Numb my pain! Please!”

It was a pitch black night and nobody could hear my screams.

To be honest, I don’t even remember if I screamed out loud, if I sobbed these words or if I cursed God in my mind while crying my eyes out.

All I remember is that this feeling of suffering was unbearable.

That’s when these images appeared in front of my red and tear-filled eyes.

These images of how my suffering began…

  • I was born with a congenital heart defect. 
  • My twin brother died right after I was born. 
  • My teenage years were one dark cloud of depression, self-hate, and crying myself to sleep almost every night. 

Now I was ready to jump…

Little did I know that, while sobbing and crying on this tiny balcony on the 21st floor of my apartment in Bangkok…

I had accidentally stumbled upon the secret that allowed me to turn my life around.

Fast forward to today…

I have multiple successful businesses that provide me with thousands of dollars each month…even though I had NEVER been able to make more than $1.200 per month…BEFORE I discovered this secret. 

As soon as I used the techniques I share with you in the 11 Days to Manifestation Mastery Program, my businesses exploded…

These are just two of my bank accounts to show you the manifestation superpowers you will have after the next 11 days…

I have a loving relationship with a woman who is so amazing that words can’t even describe the love I feel for her…even though I had NEVER been able to attract a relationship that’s not completely toxic…BEFORE I discovered this secret.

I created a lifestyle for myself that allows me to live wherever I want, to travel whenever I want and to do whatever I want at any given time…even though I had NEVER been able to live in freedom…BEFORE I discovered this secret.

The secret is contained in the followign two words…

“I created…”

This is what I realized while I was standing on the 21st floor, ready to jump.

This voice…there was this voice that was talking to me.

And the voice said:

  • “You created your poverty!”
  • “You created your failed relationships!”
  • “You created your life of suffering!”

While I heard it talking to me, I was scared. I was scared that I was about to go crazy.

Today I know that the universe was speaking to me.

This was the moment I needed to realize something so simple and yet so profound:

We are creators.

We are creators because every one of us has this superpower.

  • If you can create poverty, you can create wealth.
  • If you can create toxic relationships, you can create loving relationships.
  • If you can create a life of suffering, you can create a life of joy, happiness, and freedom.

Whatever negative event you have created in the past, you can create the opposite for your future.

Your future hasn’t been written yet.

All I know is this:

Once you activate this power within you, your life will never be the same.

Please allow me to show you how you can easily activate this superpower in just 11 days.

Your Future starts today…

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

But before you continue reading, I have to warn you.

This is the most comprehensive law of attraction program that has ever been created. In the next 11 days, you will master the art of manifesting with more than 15 hours of audio material in the form of audio seminars, exercises, and hypnosis.

This program is ONLY for action-takers who want to finally be able to manifest anything they ever wanted. It’s very expensive and if you are not willing to invest in yourself and the future that you have the chance to create for yourself after these 11 days, then please leave this page now.

Still here?

This means that you have what it takes to manifest your dreams and that you are ready to discover what you will receive…

11 Days to Manifestation Mastery Module 1: Mastering the Law of Attraction

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

  • The #1 biggest “law of attraction response” mistake that 99% of deliberate creators make (NOT making this mistake allows you to access the law of attraction in a way only a few people in this world can).
  • A secret backdoor way to shift your paradigm and to choose your thoughts and emotions WITHOUT the risk of getting pulled back by old negative beliefs.
  • The ONE ACTION you absolutely must take if you ever want to successfully use the law of attraction to manifest your dreams.

  • A ruthless way to avoid the pain of NOT receiving signs from the universe (and of NOT receiving your manifestation).

  • How to use the “Back to the Future” principle to effectively use the law of attraction every single time (you almost can’t help but manifest your wildest desires).

  • One word that you not only need to understand intellectually but also emotionally in order to make the law of attraction work FOR you (Instead of AGAINST you).

  • Rewarded Inspiration Technique – Use this when you want to manifest your dreams WITHOUT stress and WITHOUT overworking yourself.

  • An uncomfortable truth about the law of attraction that the media, most news channels and politicians who try to divide people don’t want you to know.

  • The nitty-gritty details about how to use the law of attraction in high-pressure situations that might even threaten your existence.

  • A truly powerful and according to some of my Skype coaching clients “life changing!” realization about the law of attraction that drastically improved my ability to manifest whatever I want (WARNING: This realization requires you to make a simple change in your subconscious mind. I show you how). 

11 Days to Manifestation Mastery Module 2: Mastering Your Power as a Deliberate Creator

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

  • What one of the world’s most famous Youtuber/Vlogger taught me about random creation and deliberate creation (And how YOU can use this secret to manifest money, health and wealth).
  • An inside look at your conscious mind and the role of the conscious mind in the manifestation process (While all the other law of attraction coaches only talk about the subconscious mind, I show you how to combine your conscious and subconscious mind to create manifestation miracles). 
  • 7 secrets about the power of your thoughts and how YOU can create a new mind, body and life with the power of “through shifting”.

  • The absolutely WORST mistake you can make when you think negative thoughts and feel negative emotions (99% of deliberate creators are terrified of making this mistake…which leads to them making it).

  • Why some of the most successful entrepreneurs and law of attraction practitioners on the planet use the “3% Conscious” rule to create their future.

  • How to become aware of your incongruent patters and reactions that STOP YOU from creating the life you truly want WITHOUT accidentally recreating your past over and over again.

  • The ancient “dream level” secret that has been used by Shamans and spiritual teachers to discover where the universe wants to lead them (HINT: This is the fastest path to your manifestation).

  • A simple yet highly effective writing exercise that can allow you to delete negative beliefs from your subconscious mind (And replace them with the beliefs that allow manifestation success).

  • What many deliberate creators do in an attempt to reprogram their subconscious mind (That actually works AGAINST them) and what you have to do instead.

  • The 1-second trick that allows you to easily convince your subconscious mind that you and the future self you create are one (WARNING: Without this subconscious change it will be incredibly difficult for you to manifest anything, let alone what you truly want).

11 Days to Manifestation Mastery Module 3: Mastering the Process of Creating Your Future

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

  • The completely unorthodox “future creation” secret one of Hollywood’s most successful movies in the 80s shared with audiences worldwide (and why everyone misunderstood its meaning). 
  • A clever trick that allows you to create your future NOW, experience the emotions NOW, and as a result, manifest FASTER. 
  • The ONE QUESTION you absolutely have to ask yourself RIGHT NOW if you ever want to create your dream future and manifest it.

  • 3 TERRIBLE LIES that are holding you back from letting go of the old story that is no longer serving you (WARNING: Realizing that you’ve been lied to might lead to a strong emotional reaction).

  • Why you should never take any action BEFORE you haven’t made a very specific change in your life (HINT: I’ll reveal this change in the first 15 minutes of this module).

  • How to figure out what you are truly passionate about, what this has to do with your life purpose, and how YOU can create a future in which you live your purpose every day.  

  • A scientifically proven way (used by counselors and psychologists all over the world) to replace your old self-destructive habits with new life-affirming AND life-creating habits.

  • How to use the principle of “manifestation milestones” to track your progress and to make sure that you ALWAYS achieve your manifestation goals.

  • The #1 worst mistake you could possibly make in the process of creating your future self (WARNING: Make this mistake and you will fail again and again).

  • The 5-question sequence that prepares your subconscious mind to choose the perfect parallel reality for you (I show you how to choose this parallel reality AND how to turn it into YOUR reality).   

11 Days to Manifestation Mastery Module 4: Mastering Negative and Positive Contrast

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

  • An admittedly weird way to look at contrast that no other law of attraction coach has ever mentioned (HINT: This is the secret to turn contrast into incredible manifestations).
  • The mysterious “anti-hype” methodology that you must understand AND internalize if you ever want to transform your life from “contrast-based” to “bliss-based” (WARNING: Most human beings REFUSE to do this…and suffer because of it). 
  • How to purposely use the contrast that society, the media, the news, and political institutions try to feed you and turn it into fuel for your manifestation success (And before you even ask…you can do this AND change your future even though you’ve watched the news every day for the last 20 years).

  • One of my spiritual mentor’s powerful method to create opportunities that allow you to grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally whenever you experience contrast (While at the same time limiting your exposure to contrast dramatically).  

  • The #1 opportunity that contrast provides you with that 99% of deliberate creators simply ignore.

  • A highly effective – yet 100% beginner-friendly – technique to eliminate contrast once and for all by focusing on the right indicator and the “peace and harmony” principle.

  • The ONE choice that contrast provides you with that has the potential to change the course of your life (WARNING: One wrong choice can turn your life into a negative manifestation hell).

  • How to use contrast as the door to spiritual enlightenment (HINT: The more enlightened you are, the easier it will be for you to raise your vibration and to manifest effortlessly).

  • A bizarre mindset that allows you to move away from contrast and towards a life of bliss, happiness, and fulfillment.

  • The terrible mistake so many “law of attraction believers” make BEFORE they even experience contrast (This mistake has the potential to STOP your manifestation from ever reaching you…and mess up your life!!!)

11 Days to Manifestation Mastery Module 5: Mastering the Art of Affirming Your Desires

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

  • The #1 biggest misconception that 8/10 deliberate creators have about affirmations (and why this misconception can ruin your ability to manifest with affirmations). 
  • Why you should never use THESE 3 WORDS in your affirmations (WARNING: Use these words and you might lower your vibration instead of raising it). 
  • A secret backdoor way to use affirmations to manifest more money WITHOUT mentioning your job title or anything about your career.

  • The ONE THING that stops you from effectively manifesting with your affirmations (HINT: It has to do with your family, your friends, and with one of the most popular dating mistakes people make).

  • An old affirmation-writing strategy that makes it almost neurologically impossible to NOT believe that you are the rich, healthy, and happy person you want to become (REMEMBER: Believe it and you will receive it!).

  • A mental trick used by the most powerful deliberate creators in this world to put you in the “hey, I already have everything I want” vibration that you NEED in order to manifest what you want.

  • The “I + name formation” experiment that has the potential to skyrocket the success you will experience with even the simplest affirmation.  

  • A completely forgotten ancient way of writing your affirmations that I only remembered after reading one of Simon Sinek’s bestselling books (This ONE WORD will change everything for you).

  • What most people forget WHILE they are reading their affirmations and AFTER they’ve read their affirmations (WARNING: Forget these two “little action steps” and you might as well delete your affirmations right now).  

  • The by far BIGGEST MISTAKE you could possibly make when you write your affirmations (and what you have to do instead…unless you want to create completely useless affirmations).

11 Days to Manifestation Mastery Module 6: Mastering Your Emotions and Your Emotional State

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

  • How to use the “Impactful Correlation Principle” between your emotions, your habits, and your personality to create an emotional state that allows you to easily manifest anything you want.
  • The biggest and absolutely worst mistake so many deliberate creators make when they try to change their emotional state (HINT: it has NOTHING to do with letting go). 
  • How to use Emotional State Shifting to never again experience a negative emotion for longer than 3-5 seconds.  

  • A sneaky little tactic that allows you to easily uncover the real reason why you are experiencing negative emotions (WARNING: You need to turn back time).

  • The fastest and easiest way to stop the “emotional blame game” and to master your own emotions WITHOUT ever feeling like a victim again.

  • 3 things you have to stop consuming NOW if you ever want to master your emotions and successfully use your emotional state as a manifestation force.

  • A simple and kind of awkward experiment that can allow you to magically shift your emotional state in less than 30 seconds (HINT: The only requirement is a simple pencil).

  • Why you do not want to spend so much time with your fast-food-loving family members and how being “less German” can boost your manifestation success.

  • My brutally honest and unfiltered opinion on Abraham Hick’s 17 Second Rule and how I (and my most successful Skype Coaching Clients) use it with a funny twist to make it even more effective.

  • The one “anti-social-conditioning” decision that you MUST consciously make right now in this moment if you ever want to be able to master your emotions and your emotional state.

11 Days to Manifestation Mastery Module 7: Mastering the Energy in Your Body and in Your Heart

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

  • What 99% of people do NOT understand about energy (and why this misunderstanding might also be responsible for your lack of manifestation success). 
  • How to locate and direct the energy in your body (WARNING: You might feel physical sensations and a higher vibration as an immediate result).
  • The ancient and nowadays forgotten truth about your chakras and how YOU can use the energy centers in your body to manifest your wildest dreams.

  • What aligning your chakras has to do with your manifestation success (WARNING: Discovering the true power of your energy centers can be a bit overwhelming at first).

  • How I instantly unblocked one of my chakras which then allowed me to increase my income significantly…and how you can do the same.

  • The incredibly simple Location Technique that allows you to bring your chakras into a state of alignment (EASY: You don’t have to do anything except breathing and doing what I teach you in this module).

  • The #1 reason why one of your charkas might be blocked…how to unblock it…and how to access a higher level of consciousness during this process.  

  • Speaking of your chakras…I show you exactly where to locate all 7 of your energy centers in your body, what you can manifest with each of them AND how you use this energy to manifest.

  • How to create brain and heart coherence in a way that allows you to raise your vibration to the frequency of love, which is perfect if you want to attract a loving relationship (WARNING: You might cry tears of joy the first time you do this).  

  • The exact “magic” energy flow sequence that allows you to attract money and financial abundance by harnessing the power of the energy centers in your body. 

11 Days to Manifestation Mastery Module 8: Mastering the Ultimate State of Receivership

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

  • A fast and effective way to immediately get in a state of gratitude (and gratitude is, according to Dr. Joe Dispenza, the ultimate state of receivership). 
  • How to take advantage of your brain’s inability to distinguish between reality and imagination (WARNING: The method I teach you in this module can lead to strong positive reality shifts and clear signs from the universe). 
  • The “future design” technique – Use this whenever you want to experience an instant gratitude boost (HINT: This technique can also be used during meditation to improve your chances of manifesting what you feel in your meditation).

  • How to be grateful for the things you already have in your life WITHOUT lying to yourself (HINT: This simple technique can turn your “lack mindset” into an “abundance mindset within seconds).

  • The exact steps that allow you to easily fall in love with the number in your bank account (and to turn it into any number you want it to be).

  • An often overlooked and sometimes even blatantly ignored “side effect” of being able to feel gratitude for something (HINT: This “side effect” is EXTREMELY powerful for everyone who wants to manifest career and business success).

  • How I used the power of gratitude to heal myself from several health issues, including inflammation in my bod (IMPORTANT: For legal reasons I do NOT give any guarantees that this will also heal you from your illnesses but it worked for me).

  • An incredibly simple way to manifest love and appreciation in your life…no matter if it’s a loving relationship, a fulfilling career, or being appreciated by friends.

  • The ONE TOOL every deliberate creator who is serious about manifesting with gratitude absolutely MUST have.
  • How to convince your analytical mind to accept thoughts and feelings of gratitude WITHOUT fear, doubt, and hesitation (WARNING: This technique is so powerful that it can turn the most “left-brain” and analytical person into a manifestation super hero…it even works on analytical Germans like me hehe). 

11 Days to Manifestation Mastery Module 9: Mastering Meditation, Visualization and Visual Meditation

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

  • The one place where you should NOT meditate (seriously, do this under no circumstances) because it has the potential to mess up your life. 
  • What most deliberate creators and even the most experienced meditation masters don’t know about the link between meditation and your manifestation success.
  • How to enter a meditative state almost immediately after sitting down (you almost can’t help but see your future…and then create your future).  

  • The #1 worst mistake you can make when you meditate for the very first time (and why so many people make this mistake…which absolutely DESTROYS their ability to visualize during meditation).

  • How to reach the “sweet spot” in your visual meditation that allows you to not only created the images of your future but to access this parallel reality in the quantum field by shifting to the perfect emotional state.

  • The biggest misconception so many people have about meditating (WARNING: This is the reason why MOST people who say “I want to start manifesting with meditation” never actually do it…and never succeed).

  • 7 easy-to-use visualization techniques that I have NEVER shared in any of my podcasts (HINT: Visualization technique #3 is the most fun because it allows you to create your life like in a video game…with the only difference that this is YOUR REALITY).  

  • How to experience “quantum leaps” during a simple meditation (HINT: This can allow you to manifest faster than ever before because you are no longer bound to the laws of the three dimensional reality).

  • How to access your subconscious mind with the “body ladder” (This is a process that I developed to allow my conscious mind to open to the door for me to access my subconscious mind and my Skype coaching clients experienced INCREDIBLE RESULTS with it).

  • The 2 MOST IMPORTANT questions you must ask yourself right before you visualize yourself and your life like a first-person video game (WARNING: if you forget to ask yourself these 2 questions you might not be able to access the emotions that make you a vibrational match to your future). 

11 Days to Manifestation Mastery Module 10: Mastering Letting Go and Trusting the Universe

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

  • The NUMBER ONE reason why it is so incredibly difficult (even painful) to let go (and how you can do it with the least amount of effort even though you might not have been able to let go your whole life). 
  • What’s truly holding you back from reaching a state of peace and calmness that would allow you to not only let go but to finally let all the amazing miracle manifestations in that you are so desperately waiting for. 
  • The uncomfortable truth about letting go and your manifestation process (WARNING: Most spiritual teachers either don’t address this topic at all or they try to make you feel guilty).

  • 3 words that you think about (and feel) every day that make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to let go and to receive your manifestation from the universe.

  • 99% of law of attraction practitioners believe that letting go means THIS (and why this is not just false but also incredibly dangerous for your spiritual path).

  • Why it is NOT always good to let go (WARNING: I share some controversial areas with you in which letting go can actually ruin your life…this section of this module is not for people who are easily offended).

  • 6 relaxation techniques that I and many of my Skype coaching clients successfully use to let go fast WITHOUT using psychedelics or any other substances.

  • What screaming vegetables, dancing to a One Direction song, and daydreaming have to do with letting (and how you can use them to manifest your dreams faster).

  • The ONE ACTION you have to take if you ever want to be able to let go (WARNING: This action requires full trust and the ability to see beyond of what 99% of people are able to see).

  • How to practice “opposite mindfulness”…how to do something most people are no longer able to do to silence your inner critic…why letting go of the outcome is so hard for you but so important for your manifestation success (and how YOU can finally be able to do it)…and THE KEY to letting go and mastering yourself and your manifestation success…and so much more. 

11 Days to Manifestation Mastery Module 11: Mastering Your Spiritual Path to Manifestation Success

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

  • 3 types of synchronicities (99% of deliberate creators forget about #3, which is also the most life-changing experience) and how you can receive AND use synchronicities to manifest the life of your dreams in the most effortless way. 
  • The #1 biggest mistake you (most likely) make while you are waiting for the universe to deliver your manifestation (WARNING: This mistake can lead to severe anxiety, stress, and the OPPOSITE of what you intended to manifest).

  • The “sneaky universe” principle of showing you that your manifestation is on its way (HINT: Most deliberate creators completely ignore this sign). 
  • What you absolutely have to do after 4 months of manifesting (unless you want to continue in a state of uncertainty and fear of “when will it happen?”).

  • The ONE ACTION you must take if you ever want to master the art of manifesting your dreams (WARNING: Your ego will try to stop you from doing that but it is absolutely essential that you do it anyway…I show you how).

  • How to manifest in your dreams (and why most people manifest negative things even though their dreams are pointing them in the right direction).

  • The ONLY feeling that matters when you are right at the edge of jumping into the parallel reality that you created for yourself (It feels so good to know with absolute certainty that you are about to receive what you manifested).

  • A little-talked about way to IMMEDIATELY know in which direction you should take your life (After listening to this part of the final module you will fully and completely trust the universe as your friend who guides you).

  • What the Hollywood movie The Matrix, a black cat, and experiences in your childhood have to do with your life purpose AND with your ability to manifest your dreams (WARNING: This might shock you but you will never see the world through the same eyes again).

  • How the “Mindless Mindful Consumption” principle either destroys every one of your manifestation attempts OR allows you to succeed at manifesting beyond your wildest dreams (HINT: I reveal the path to unlimited manifestation success in the last 25 minutes of this module).

All of this is waiting for you inside the 11 Days to Manifestation Mastery Program…

The product is digital and the images are for visualization only

Now I have to share a secret with you:

I know with 100% certainty that the next 11 days have the potential to change your life forever AND to give you manifestation superpowers.


I also know that there’s a 99% chance that you will NOT make this investment in yourself.

Most people don’t.

But maybe you are not like most people.

Maybe you are part of the chosen 1% who want the power to manifest ANYTHING they want.

  • Maybe you are an action-taker. 
  • Maybe you want to improve your life. 
  • Maybe you want to manifest your dreams. 

Maybe you understand that investing a couple of dollars TODAY can lead to an incredible life in the FUTURE…even to way more money than you might save by buying a cheaper program. 

This program is not cheap.

This program contains more than 15 hours of pure life-changing manifestation secrets, techniques, and strategies.

You get 11 audio seminars, 33 exercises, and 11 subconscious mind-altering hypnosis.

I can confidently say that…

This will be the only law of attraction program you will ever need.


You have to be one of the chosen few who do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make their dreams a reality.

Mot people are not willing to do this!

In fact, most people would rather spend $100 on a piece of furniture they neither need nor ever look at or one bottle service in a club.

The good news:

You don’t even have to invest $100 to master the art of manifesting your dreams. 

And even though I already give you a generous $380 OFF DISCOUNT (the original price of the 11 Days to Manifestation Mastery Program is $449.99…and the value is WAY HIGHER than that), most people will STILL not take action.



99% of people are not willing to invest in themselves.

As a result, 99% of people will NEVER…

  • Manifest the life they always wanted but never had.  
  • Manifest the most loving relationship they ever had with the love of their life.

  • Manifest the bank account balance that would immediately eliminate all their worries.  

You have this opportunity. This is your chance.

You just have to take it…

Get instant access to the 11 Days to Manifestation Mastery Program for only…

30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!

This is a ONE-TIME Payment (NO Recurring Billing). Once your order is complete, you’ll receive an email with the link to your digital products. 

Do you have any questions about this program? Send me an email: sebastian @affirmationtomanifestation.com

Still here?

Are you unsure if you should make this investment in yourself…in your future and your future self…in the dream life that you can create for yourself?

I won’t try to convince you.

To be honest, if you are unsure about it…don’t do it.

Yup, I said it. And I mean it.

I only want you to invest in the 11 Days to Manifestation Mastery Program if you are 100% committed to your manifestation success.

Don’t worry.

You get a 30-day-money back guarantee.


I ONLY want you to make this investment in yourself and in your future if you are 100% committed to listening to the audio seminars, committed to doing the exercises, and committed to changing your mind and your life with the power of hypnosis.

Buy Now,

Unlock your A-Game!

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